Boysen - The No.1 Paint
Boysen - The No.1 Paint
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KNOxOUT Depolluting Paint - The Paint activated by Cristal Nanotechnologies

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NOx-ious Dangers

Among the most lethal air pollutants are nitrogen oxides, highly reactive gases containing nitrogen and oxygen, collectively known as NOx. NOx, which are mainly produced from vehicle exhausts, has a wide variety of health and environmental impacts. NOx is a precursor for smog, or ground level ozone that can cause lung damage. NOx also combines with other air pollutants to form particles that give rise to respiratory diseases. NOx also contributes to acid rain and global warming, and impairs visibility. And since NOx can be transported long distances by wind, problems associated with NOx are not confined to areas where NOx are emitted.  

Despite its dangers, efforts to decrease NOx levels have been unsuccessful globally. The United States Environmental Protection Agency reported that since the passage of the US Clean Air Act in 1970, levels of NOx have actually been increasing, while levels of other air pollutants have decreased significantly.